Steve Kleiman

Steve Kleiman
Steve has been taking professional family and children portraits for over forty years. We are very proud of the thousands of dollars that we have raised for churches and organizations like yours.

We are members of the Professional Photographers of America and subscribe to the high standards of that group.

We have done our banking at the Solvay Bank for over forty years.

We have hundreds of testimonials from satisfied organizations all over the country and would be most happy to provide them to you at your request.

We do all the work ourselves and provide the personal touch to every sitting.

We offer the greatest value through our digital images. Families view their images right after the sitting is taken and pick our their free 10x13 portrait. They can purchase the digital files at that time if they wish, always with no obligation, and take the images home with them right that day. They can make all the copies of the pictures they wish and get them made at any photo lab at very reasonable prices.

We look forward to working with your school, church or organization.

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