Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to buy the full image range?

There is no obligation to purchase anything. However, we do provide a great value full image range set of high resolution digital files on a CD or Flash drive on the shoot day. This means you have complete ownership of the images and are able to print, edit, enlarge and copy as many times as you like.

Are we able to purchase portraits in addition to the fundraising portrait?

Yes, at special pricing provided for your group.

What poses will be taken of my family?

For each sitting the photographer will photograph heaps of different poses. They aim to take dad and boys, mom and girls, family shots, children together, all children individually, lots of fun and cute and cuddly shots.

Are we under any obligation to purchase additional photos?

No, we have a variety of image options available for purchase on the shoot day. There is no obligation to purchase anything!

When do we pay for the images?

On the same day as your photography appointment. We take cash, check, credit or debit cards.

Can we have just our children photographed together for the fundraiser portrait?

Yes, Please be aware that we must have an adult attend at the portrait session with the children.

Can we have more portraits taken?

We provide an average of 30 beautifully crafted, fun and loving images per family portrait session and these are available to purchase on the shoot day.

When are the photo's available to take home?

Immediately on a CD or flash drive.

Where does the viewing take place?

​The viewing of all images takes place right after your photography session.

What size is the fundraising portrait?

The fundraising portrait is 10"x13" in size.

How many poses are taken on the photography day?

A huge variety of poses are taken for each family portrait booking. We take a full range of individual and group shots.

Can I just buy the images?


Can I layaway my images?

​Yes, you can arrange this with your viewing consultant. Layaway is 6 weeks and 30% deposit is required to secure your layaway.

Can I have 2 sittings?

​No, But we do take heaps of great fun and loving images within your session which you are able to purchase

Do I have to be in the photo with my children?

​No, The fund-raising image can be of either the family or just the children or even the extended family of all the cousins together, or a generation shot!

When are you next in my area?

​Contact head office to find out when we are visiting your area next.

I forgot my appointment time, how do I find out?

​Contact us at 727-488-1830 or 1-800-782-0749

Can an adult couple book a session?

​No, we are limited with our bookings to all of the family or just the children.
Please contact us for more details.

How long do you hold the images for?

​Please contact our office immediately 727-488-1830 or 1-800-782-0749 to find out more about your family portrait images - as we are a high volume operation we can not store family images for long.

How long does the photography session take?

​10 minutes to take all your portraits and 10 minutes right after to see your images. 20 minutes for you to have your pictures taken and for you to view your images.

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